The building design plays with the nearby surroundings and attempts to capture them through the three viewing windows facing the respective mountain groups. The cantilevered volumes of the three viewing windows – which have the formal design of typical saddleback roofs – feature curvilinear ramifications allowing them to “melt” into a complex but compact structure in the interior. There, they form so-called “pockets” – small, parlor-like niches which partition the restaurant area and thus create an intimate atmosphere. The exterior evokes the appearance of a fallen tree with numerous branches emerging continuously from the slope.


The entire structure consists of wood portals which remain visible in the interior in order to more fully express the complex, curvilinear spatial geometry. The transitional areas vary in size and spacing and are lined with wooden panelling. The entire exterior facade consists of larch wood slates; the supporting structure and interior panelling is of spruce.

    Oberholz Hut Architects

  • Peter Pichler

    Peter Pichler

    Peter Pichler was born in Bozen / Bolzano in 1982. He studied Architecture at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna and also attended the university in California. He graduated with honors in Vienna in the master class of Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher. During his student days, Peter worked together with Zaha Hadid in London on various projects and on the prize-winning Nordketten aerial lift in Innsbruck. Peter then worked in Rotterdam for Rem Koolhaas and then in Vienna in the team of Delugan Meissl, where he participated in the award-winning project for the concert hall in Amman, Jordan. After completing his degree, Peter went to Hamburg, where he worked for Zaha Hadid as project architect on the Library & Learning Center in Vienna and on a 150,000-m² mixed-use building complex in Bratislava.

    Back in Italy, he founded PeterPichler Architecture in Milan. Peter Pichler is a registered architect in Italy and member of the Chamber of Architects of Bozen / Bolzano.

    Peter was also nominated by the Italian Chamber of Architects as a young architectural talent.

  • Pavol Mikolajcak

    Pavol Mikolajcak

    Pavol Mikolajcak was born in Slovakia in 1981. He studied Architecture at the Technical University of Vienna and wrote his Diploma thesis in 2007 on the topic of "Museum of History in Bratislava." From 2003 till 2009, Pavol worked with the architect Christoph Mayr Fingerle in Bolzano in various architectural teams and on different architectural competitions. From 2009 till 2012, he worked with architect Walter Pichler in Bolzano. Since 2012, he has been a member of the Chamber of Architects of Bozen / Bolzano and is active as a freelance architect headquartered in Bolzano.

    His most-important projects include:

    The Felderhof Extension, Bozen City Hall (with architect Andreas Lengfeld), the Oberholz Alpine Hut (with architect Peter Pichler), a multi-purpose building in Barbian / Barbiano (with architects Andreas Lengfeld and Rudi Perathoner), an ice hockey stadium in Bruneck / Brunico, and an honorable mention in the 2014 Competition (with architects Peter Pichler and Vitomarco Marinaccio).